Belinda's extensive portfolio of paintings and drawings has been realised through her profound resonance with nature and the Australian landscape. Placing emphasis on its fragility when faced with the power of mother nature, and the affectations natural phenomena can impart upon the human psyche, Belinda's work is informed by the beauty found in chaos and the link between the natural environment and an innate sense of place.

Belinda's ability to harness her artistic medium to reflect an engaging physiological response from viewers that transcends demographics firmly places her work in a space of powerful relevance within the zeitgeist and current climate change conversations. This facet of her work, alongside its aesthetically proficient beauty, produces a validity and a powerful sense of intrigue.

Belinda specialises in large format expressive painterly artworks. She layers thin washes of paint medium (oil, watercolour, inks or gouache) to create depth, mark making and space. Lush textures and muted palettes are rendered with a strong drawing focus. Belinda's aim is to transcend the subject of her work, representing it's essence and reflecting the emotional responses triggered by natural forms, colour and light. The result is a vivid and dynamic visual narrative for her audience to explore.

Belinda has exhibited extensively within Australia (Muse Gallery, Artistry, Victoria Gallery and Qantas Lounges countrywide) and internationally (at the Australian Embassy in Korea, Costa Rica and New York City), with her work receiving accolades from numerous national awards (Prometheus Visual Art Award, Toyota Community Spirit Gallery and the ANL Maritime Art Prize). She is currently represented by Brenda Colahan Fine Art, Manyung Gallery and Levee Art Gallery and Studio.