I am an established contemporary artist based in Melbourne. My extensive portfolio of artworks have been realised through many years of exhibiting and training in fine art. I have exhibited extensively within Australia (Muse Gallery, Artistry Gallery, Victoria Gallery and Qantas Lounges countrywide) and internationally (Australian Embassy, Korea, Costa Rica and New York City), and receiving accolades from numerous awards (Art Olympia International Art Prize, Prometheus Visual Art Award, Toyota Community Spirit Gallery and the Maritime Art Prize).

My art practice specialises in expressive painterly artworks using thin washes of paint medium (oil, watercolour, inks or gouache) to create unique paintings, drawings and limited edition prints. The result is a vivid and dynamic visual narrative for an audience to explore in their homes, gallery or commercial interiors. My work hangs in corporate and professional spaces, as well as intimate and public areas of many private homes.