My art practice specialises in expressive painterly artworks using thin layers of oil, gouache and watercolour medium to create unique paintings and drawings. Each painting is based upon places that I have visited and is an ongoing exploration of the Australian landscape. The result is a vivid and dynamic visual narrative for an audience to explore in their homes, gallery or commercial interiors.

I hope to inspire, challenge and strengthen the wider community through creating affordable, beautiful, thought-provoking artworks.

My work is held in private and public collections as well as a number of galleries across Australia. I have gallery representation in Sydney and Melbourne

Series 2023


This new series is based upon an ongoing exploration of the Australian landscape and it's distinct geographical colour palette. The artistic approach is expressed through painterly layers of colour and accompanied by a strong understanding of the relationship of colour to our environment. 

Series 2022


These new ethereal landscapes deal with the reality of Australia's unequivocally distinct geographical condition. Integrating the state of the human experience and its interrelationship to the outer environment. these works explore the emotional construct of joy and our perceived psychological comprehension of it. Whilst on a literal level, the scenes reference Belinda's sensory memories of regional Australia, they symbolically recognise sensations of satisfaction, elevation and gratitude within our exterior surroundings and internal landscape.

Series 2021


With an interest in early Australian Impressionists, this series of paintings is based upon capturing our unique landscapes in regional Victoria. The paintings concentrate on the everyday, whilst giving a nod to the genre of historical landscape painting. 

Series 2020


This recent body of work feature boats and travellers, searching for undiscovered lands or a place to call home. There is a narrative in each of the works that examines exploration: exploring unknown landscapes and vast open vistas. The works convey a tentativeness about what lies ahead but convey hope and optimism for the future. 

Series 2019


Continuing with the pragmatics of the research from the MFA, this series poignantly and powerfully realises paintings that explore the direct relationship between weather and emotional wellbeing. The composition of the resulting body of work portrays an ethereal allure that fascinates, inviting latent scrutiny that begins to reveal a poetic fragmentation. 

Master of Fine Art 2018


This series of work has evolved via a singular focus on the myriad impacts rendered by extreme weather - drought, flood and bushfire in particular - through personal experience and a considered, research-led process adopted during the completion of a Masters of Fine Art (by research) undertaken at RMIT University.